Day 162

The last time I was able to get to the gym was Day 169. Ok. So that's not exactly right. The last time I made it a priority to get to the gym was Day 169. That's right - a full 7 days since my last real work out. Day 168 was a regular work/day night with no exercise other than at the fun job. Day 167 I worked a massive double. Day 166 I used to recover from said massive double. Day 165 was a regular work day/night. I could've made it to the gym after work but I didn't. Day 164 I picked up a shift and didn't get done until midnight so, while I could've swam afterwards, I didn't. Day 163 was spent in the car to get my oldest DNA thief. I could've used the gym at the hotel but I "forgot" to pack work out clothes. That brings us to tonight.

The Girl Child and I got home around 6pm today and unloaded the car of all her college belongings. She had so much crap. It was amazing - and she had a storage shed in Boulder which was full. I couldn't believe she was still bringing so much home. After our show, "Bones", we had a crap dinner and I tossed back and forth going to the gym. I was too tired. I needed to go. I could "make it up" tomorrow. I needed to go. The Drill Sergeant came back and she kicked my ass to the gym. It wasn't the best workout I've had. It wasn't the worst (is that even spelled correctly?). I worked up a sweat. I stayed moving. I put on different shoes tonight and the difference between them and the Reeboks that I've been wearing was amazing - so light and no numbness. My mom is going to get me a new pair of shoes for my birthday. I can't wait to get to a real running store to get them fitted. I go to Denver May 20 for business and will find a running store then. I need new shoes. I need something that is not going to keep my mind beating my heart with the feet issue.

The kids and I leave for the Bahamas in 2 1/2 weeks - my goal is to be up to at least 1 1/2 hours walking/elliping/biking by then.

Tonight's workout:
  • 21 minutes ellip, 120 calories, forgot to get the distance
  • 25 minutes walking, 140 calories, 1.2 miles

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