Day 158

I don't know what has gotten into me. I signed up today for the Highline Hustle Sprint Triathalon. 500 meter swim, 16 mile bike and 3 mile trail run. June 12. Less than a month away. AND I don't have a bike. Ok, so by the end of the week, the bike issue will be rectified but still - what in the hell am I thinking?

I know that registering for that Tri has been a motivator. Now I can't say, "I've got 158 days to the marathon, I can slack tonight." By registering for that Tri, I get bonus points for my Biggest Loser team at work - if I compete. Just signing up won't do it so I can't let my team mates down. I know I'm tired of not liking to look in the mirror. I know that this is one thing I can be selfish about - no one else is going to take my health into concern and make it number one priority. I know that I am tired of being the "fluffy friend" to both men and women. I'd love to turn a head or two. I know that I am tired of hiding behind big shirts and humor - I'd really like to date again. I'm tired of seeing the look in people's faces when they realize that I am sitting next to them on a plane and I'm tired of having to extend the seat belt all the way and cross my arms so I don't explode on someone else's space.

I think I've discovered many very valid reasons for the recent insanity I've explored. I think I'll do ok. That is, as long as I have ridiculous tests of physicality to work toward.

I got off the fun job around 9 tonight. I had to watch "Castle" and then the news. Just HAD to. I then changed in to my suit, packed my swim bag and headed to the gym. I love that the gym is open this late during the week. I love that the gym is basically deserted at this time of night. Being open 24 hours does not allow me to use that favorite excuse of mine, "I'd go but the gym is closed." Nope. No excuses. Bag packed, new water shoes on the feet, off to the gym I go.

I got a new pair of water shoes. I originally purchased them for the Bahamas (in 2 weeks!). They have vents in the soles so that the water will drain. They're light. They'll protect my feet from the (hopefully) hot sand. When I signed up for the Tri, I also thought they might be good swim shoes because this Tri takes place in a lake and all I need to do is cut open my foot on trash or rocks which would then lead me to a DNF (did not finish) as I'm rushed to the hospital with a blood trail following me. Ok, so I tend to wax fanatical when I picture injuries. So I hopped in to the pool with the swim shoes on.

Note to self: If I am going to wear the shoes, I must remember that it changes everything - my stroke, my kick and my buoyancy. You wouldn't think I'd have a problem with buoyancy, what with my fluffiness and all, but the shoes changed it. I had to work to keep the rest of my legs on level with my feet, which kept flying up. And my kick - wow. Talk about a workout. After 50 yards with the shoes on, I rethought the whole thing. I'd have to work UP to wearing the shoes. Off they came.

I finished 500 yards in about 15 minutes. Not a stellar time. Not awful. Just about average. So I did another 50 with the shoes on and a 100 using just my arms. Not bad. In to the changing room to shower and dress out in to my exercise outfit - sweats, big, baggy shirt and tennis runners.

The ellip went smoothly tonight. Partly thanks to Dusty who kept up a conversation with me via texting, partly because there was a really hot guy in front of me. Before I knew it, 2 miles had passed along with 35 minutes. I briefly entertained the idea of hitting the stationary bike for a 3 mile ride but that didn't last long. I sanitized my equipment, gathered my shit and hit the door. Dragging myself up the steps to my home, I realized that I was pooped.

And that, my friends, is the sign of a good workout. No matter what time of day it occurred.

  • Swim: 650 yards, about 20 minutes (give or take). No calorie estimation as I didn't have my heartrate monitor on.
  • Elliptical: 35 minutes, 2 miles, about 220 calories (according to Precor).
One last thought - I'm starving. I need to rethink my nutrition intake.

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