Day 157

After much foot dragging, I got to the gym tonight. BIG thanks to my friends who yelled at me to go. You guys rock! (I am, of course, assuming you're reading this)

I started off on the treadmill tonight. I walked at an average pace of 3.0 for 52 minutes - a total of 3 miles. I really need to pick up my pace. If my math is correct, that's about 17.33 minutes per mile. Assuming I can keep that pace up for 13.1 miles, it's going to take me 3.79 hours to complete. I have no idea what a good goal is for walking a 1/2 marathon but I'm thinking that almost 4 hours is not a good pace. For pete's sake, there are going to be people running a full 26.2 miles and they'll finish before me. I guess what I should be focusing on is just finishing the damn thing.

After my walk, I hit the pool. I swam for 500 yards, using my arms only. I then put on those shoes and swam another 100 yards. I did the arms only because with the triathalon, I need my legs for the bike and run after the swim. I actually do better with just my arms - why is that?

Tomorrow is going to be a light workout - perhaps only 30 minutes on the ellip and 5 miles on the bike. I have a photography class tomorrow night (so I can learn how to use my camera) and will hit the gym afterwards.

  • Treadmill: 3.0 pace, 3 miles, 52 miles, 345 calories
  • Swim: 500 yards (arm only), don't know how long because I didn't wear my contacts and I couldn't see the clock

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