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Flights of Fancy

During my time in England, I got to learn about and care for the flock at No. 31.
The chickens: Sylvestor, Fluffy, Amber, Violet, and the Three Squawker Sisters. There’s a pecking order in this little flock led by Sylvestor (rooster), enforced by Amber and Violet, and tolerated by the Squawker Sisters. You know the saying, “Shit rolls downhill?” Well, poor little Fluffy is the bird at the bottom of that hill. I would watch the interaction of their group for hours, and I always walked away with admiration for Fluffy. No matter the pecks she received, or how many times she was chased away from a comfortable spot in the sun, she always let her presence known. Not in a proud, you ain’t moving me kind of way. But in a quiet, I’ve got purpose kind of way. She quickly became my favorite.

Every morning I let them out of their house. Before I feed them, I let them scrounge around their yard. And because not all of the birds were ready to face the world at the same time, it would leave me with…

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