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A John Hughes Existence

When I was younger, I always imagined I would go to exotic places and have the typically atypical life of a jet-setter – a few days in Paris, a week in Berlin, perhaps even a trip on the Orient Express. These dreams were fueled by my imagination which was colored by the novels and movies I would wrap myself in. Not once did I think it wasn’t possible and not once did I ever stop to think that these worlds that I would dream myself a part of were the result of someone else’s fantasy.

High school for me was a script straight from John Hughes, complete with the minor trials and tribulations that seem to rock a teenager’s world. My boyfriend’s mom didn’t like me, I was perceived as a goody two-shoes and I felt as if the world itself was conspiring against me to keep me from my true potential. I was so full of shit.
(And I probably still am…)
I joined the Army before I graduated high school because my Dad and I had a heart-to-heart. I told him I wasn’t interested in going to college, he tol…

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