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As I wilt

It was 102° F here today. Yes, I live on an arid high plain; yes, summers are suppose to be warm. But the heat is ridiculous. I don't care that it's a "dry heat" - hot is hot. You can smell the heat wafting lazily off the cement in an atmosphere heavy with crushed dreams and desperation. I don't know how people enjoy this weather. I have a friend who tells me that it invigorates her. She walks out to the heat and feels its arid tentacles wrap around her and she sighs with incredible contentment. Me, I go out and the first words out of my mouth are, "I hate summer", which is then usually followed by a string of expletives that would make the most colorful sailor blush. My heat-loving friends tell me that I'll complain when the cold is back. Not once have I EVER complained about the cold. I'll mention that it's brisk, or colder than it appears but I will never, ever utter the words, "I wish summer were here". The mere thought makes m…

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