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Oh, Monday!

I'm staying up at my parents' house watching their dogs while they help my brother move to his new digs in Broomfield for his new job. My parents live "up a mountain" and miles away from town. Cell phone service is scant, neighbors are far and few between and it's the most loveliest piece of Colorado you ever did see. I love the solitude, the view and the night sky where stars go on forever. But this past Monday, it hit me a little bit at how remote it really is.

It started unremarkable enough. I fed my (canine) siblings and then we went for our after breakfast walk when all of a sudden there is howling up the road. And not just dog howling - it sounded like the kind in horror flicks where a town is about to be brutally attacked by a pack of hungry, mutant science experiments and it sent shivers up and down my spine. Of course all three dogs immediately perked up and were highly interested in whatever their brethren had to say. Simultaneously their hackles went u…

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