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A Different Perspective

I had the honor to volunteer this morning at the USA Cycling National Championships and let me tell you, the intensity and determination these athletes have is inspiring. Over three days and three locations (Whitewater, DeBeque and Downtown Grand Junction), 250+ college athletes tested their skill and endurance on the roads of Mesa County.

After driving around downtown this morning, I finally was able to find parking. With the final race being held downtown today, a good portion of the area was blocked off. In usual style, I failed to pay any attention to the "Roads will be closed so park here!" emails. Apparently I wasn't the only one because I had quite a tail of cars following me, looking for a spot to ditch their car. Together we found the assigned parking area (a place I passed at LEAST 3 times) and we rolled out of our cars and headed to the volunteer tent to check in.

After 5 years of putting on my own road race, I was excited to see how something as big and as d…

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