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A little travel secret

I am often asked how I can afford to travel as frequently as I do. This question flummoxes me because I don’t feel like I travel all that frequently. I believe people are always waiting for that “perfect” moment to take their dream vacation – when the kids are gone; when the bills are paid off; when work has calmed down. They have yet to discover what I discovered so long ago – tomorrow never comes and if you want to travel, you have to make it a priority. Travel is my priority. I’m not saying that I ignore my responsibilities to jet off to some far off land on a whim. I have a job that is pretty demanding, a small business that requires my attention, family obligations and bills to pay. I prioritize and plan. Before I even hop on a plane, I have paid for the majority of my trip through budgeting and advance booking.
Here is a guideline of planning and paying for a trip before you ever step foot on a plane. One thing is assumed – you will pay with your debit card.
Where will you go? Wh…

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