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Cabo Part II: A million pieces

Amanda and I woke up on a Sunday morning and decided to try our luck at public transportation into San Jose’ del Cabo, a little town about 15 minutes north of the resort we were staying at in Cabo San Lucas. We had arrived in the stifling heat and humidity to help my old Army buddy, Tony, celebrate his wedding. While the resort had plenty to keep us occupied, happy, and fed, we both like exploring new locations, and Amanda really wanted to dust off her Spanish.
The concierge provided us a rough map of where to go and what bus stops to get off at. We were told that the driver would shout out “Comer!”, and that would be our first stop. Then, we walk around a Hyatt to the second stop and just take the bus until the end. Confidence instilled by the “it’s just two stops,” we headed out the gates of the resort to locate the stop for bus #1 to town.

Official bus stops are merely a suggestion, which is quite disconcerting if you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing. Sure, there are some es…

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