But all the cool kids are doing it!

All the cool kids are doing it so I must do it too, right?

My dear friend, Dusty (aka Yas, aka Busty, aka the Training Queen) is at fault for my sorry attempt into the world of blogging. So if this sucks, it's Dusty's fault!

I am not a runner. I never have been a runner. I never will be a runner. But I am inspired. My goal is to do a complete triathalon by this time next year. I have a couple things working against me in this goal. 1) I am not a runner and 2) I don't have a bike. The bike issue I can overcome with some outlay of cash but the running issue scares the pigment right out of me (and I don't have much to spare).

So like the total procrastinator that I am, I am focusing on the swim portion. I can swim. I've always swum. And in my head, I am *this close* (holding up thumb and forefinger) to beating Michael Phelps' time in the 200 Free. Yes. My imagination works quite well.

Beginnertriathlete.com is an excellent resource. If it were not for this resource, I would never have realized that all my swim life I've been doing my turns wrong. So I've started working on my turns - not very needed in an open swim but oh-so-needed in the lap lanes. They are HARD. I don't know how many times I've forced water up my nose, tried to breathe while fully submerged and scrapped my head on the lane markers coming out from the turn. It's got to get easier, right? Add to those issues my ear issues and I'm just one big, semi-sinking mess.

But I continue to swim. And one day, not too far away, I'll be able to report that I actually got the flippin' flip turn down sans water up the nose, head scrapped on the lane marker and a lung-full of water.
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