A new look; a new direction.

When I first started this blog many moons ago, it was meant to be a narrative of my goal to run a half marathon in each state along with other ramblings that would amuse me.  Well, I've lost track of how many states I've completed and how many half marathons I finished and have even dropped (for the time being?) my goal to complete a race in each state so it was time to re-tool the blog.  From "Starunner's Galaxy", I present to you the latest incarnation of my blog, "Unfettered & Unfiltered".

The goal of this blog is to share my travel experience, insights, mistakes and successes with an audience of probably only my Mother and Father.  But should it reach someone who does not share a smattering of DNA with me and should it prove helpful to said individual, I will be content.

Travel is not just in my blood, it IS my blood. I live for it, I dream about it and every spare dime I have goes to it. Not just for the passport stamp collection or the ability to say, "I've been there" but to expand my world, understand my fellow humans and make a connection that can only come from being unfettered by the known and unfiltered by honesty. To travel means to challenge your understanding of what is normal, to question your why and share, if only for a moment or two, a snippet of life with someone else completely unfamiliar to you.

Whether you're an experienced traveler or toying with your first foray into this amazing world of ours, I can help you realize your dream. I'll share my own successes and mistakes to assist you in taking that dream and making it a reality. I'll open up ideas for destinations that you may never have considered and I will capitalize on your ideas - giving you the best experience you could imagine.

I love solo travel and hope to inspire at least one non-relative to give it a go.  Share with me your thoughts, dreams and goals and together we can figure out how to give you the wings to fly.

Are you ready for the journey?

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