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I am behind on my race updates.  Not for lack of intention, mind you.  More due to the fact that so many things have begun their relentless end-of-year tug on my attention: the last few weeks of my program with a class I just don't get, work, a new dog, cupcakes and the list goes on and on.  But Tulsa calls me and I must give a little bit of my last race for 2012.  Details have begun to fade of the incredible weekend and I've decided that I must start carrying a notebook with me - to jot down impressions, feelings and quotes that just can't be resurrected weeks afterwards.  An early New Year's Resolution - carry a notebook.  Compensation for my lack of writer-ly skills will come in the form of pictures and snippets.  The plus side to this is that you'll be spared my long diatribes and inability to keep my tenses consistent.

Saturday started with Amanda and I running the 5k.  Ok, Amanda ran, I, um, walked.  2000 runners for a 5k - I was impressed.  And hills.  Hills like the Hospital Hill course in Kansas City.  Generally, I like hills in the first 2 miles - it allows me to stretch out my calves and I actually keep a consistent pace on hills - and this 5k was no exception.  It was an excellent way to spend an hour on a chilly but sunny Saturday morning.
As per my norm, I'm at the back of the back.  But I wasn't last.
After the 5k, Cheri, Amanda and I hung around for the Mascot Dash.  Our fellow Half Fanatic/Marathon Maniac, T-Rex Runner, was running in it - in a homemade T-Rex costume.  Her effort was AH-Mazing.  And so much fun to watch.  She's got a fun blog, too, and you should check it out.
And it's T-Rex Runner to the finish!
Afterward, we had to get our picture - isn't that costume great??  A fellow runner made it for her and I couldn't help thinking that my kids probably wished I was that creative and talented around Halloween.
Amanda and Cheri look great.  I, however, look waaay too startled.
We said good-bye to Danielle (aka T-Rex Runner) and headed to breakfast.  We indulged at the Blue Moon (or Full Moon - this is where the notebook would come in handy) for breakfast and then headed back to the hotel.  Cheri had homework to do and Amanda and I volunteered for a 4 hour shift at the Expo, handing out T-shirts.  I enjoyed volunteering but I think my co-volunteers were concerned for my sanity.  I couldn't help it, tho, the music they had going on at the Expo just made this white girl jiggle.  I'd like to say that I belong on "Dancing with the Stars" but I think it would be hotly argued that any dancing show was NOT for me.
Amanda and I at the start of our shift.  Before the sugar took effect...
Sunday morning and it's race time.  A beautiful day.  A beautiful course.  And a shitload of
I want to give proper credit for this photo but I don't know who to credit it to.  I pulled it off the Route 66 Facebook page
And here's the start line by Dr Chris Barnes:
Do you see all those people????  Wholy cow!!!  I just have to say that the police who kept us safe on the course were amazing.  Cheri and I went past the course cut-off time and we still had about 3 miles to go.  One of Tulsa's finest (police officer) pulled up to us and told us that the roads would be opening and we needed to move to the sidewalk to finish.  We asked if it would be ok if we walked single file along the side and moved up when traffic came.  He was so very nice to us - knowing that the sidewalk added distance to our course - and asked us to be careful and aware.  He then kept an eye on us until we got to the last half mile where the course was still closed.  He did NOT have to do that and just goes to prove that Tulsa embraces this race and every single person involved in it - runner, volunteer, course marshall, police - want each person to only have to concentrate on running the course that they could.  I wish Cheri and I would've had the presence of mind to get our picture with that amazing officer but by that time we were just concentrating on getting to the finish.  So I am going to ask The Route 66 Marathon Race Directors pass on our most sincere thanks.
Cheri and I finally crossed the finish line about 4 hours after we started and we wobbled through the racer exit and into the Marathon/Half Fanatic Finisher Tent where we collected our special medal, some food and some much-needed sit down time.  This wasn't a challenging course physically.  This course challenged both Cheri and I from the inside.  I am thankful that Cheri was with me - I'm not quite sure I would've finished without her. 
Maureen (who finished her 50th State + DC with this race) and I - showing off our bling.


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