Grechen's Flying Fund

When my dear Brownie died in May, I had my eye on a beautiful little puppy named Grechen.  She just wanted to be loved, to have a home and to be the Queen Pup.  Well, I couldn't get to Georgia (where she was) to get her so I got the Princess Pup (Jo-Dee) from my local shelter.

This past week I learned of a precarious situation Queen Pup was in - she was having a hard time with her humans.  They were flighty and fickle and blamed lack of paying attention to Queen Pup to give her the training she needed on the Queen Pup.  My dear friend, Allison (an amazing animal heart, our dear Allison - she would do anything for the pups) brought to my attention Grechen's need.  Grechen still called out to me so we started talking about getting her to me. 

A friend of Allison's rescued her from the shelter and Allison is fostering her until we can get her to me on Delta.  The Queen Pup (aka Grechen) needs a carrier, food/water dishes, a collar and a leash along with an airline ticket.  This is where you come in.  We're collecting donations to get Grechen to her new home in Colorado.  She's got the fur - she needs the cold climate!  I'm anxious to meet The Queen Pup, the Princess Pup needs her Royal and Allison needs to regain some of her sanity that tends to be lost when caring for your own dogs and a foster.

Here's the link: Grechen's Flying Fund

And here's Grechen as she was being sprung from Animal Control in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Imagine a little crown on her head and you've got the Queen Pup - she can't wait to come to Colorado!

Thank you all for your help!
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