I should be committed...

Today I have registered for two Rock –n- Roll half marathons - one in January in Phoenix and the other in October in Denver. I also registered for a half marathon in February in Apache Junction, AZ called The Lost Dutchman. If I were to just look at this schedule, I would think it daring, and even a little nutso. But there’s more. This schedule is just what I registered for TODAY. Here’s what I’ve got going on from now until October 2011. And they are all paid for:

· December 5 – Rock n Roll ½ marathon, Las Vegas, NV
· January 16 – Rock n Roll ½ marathon, Phoenix, AZ (completion of these two events qualifies me for a really cool “Desert Rocks” medal)
· January 30 – Groundhog Run in Kansas City, MO – this is just a 5k
· February 20 – Lost Dutchman ½ marathon, Apache Junction, AZ (this race will entitle me to “Half Fanatic” status of ½ marathon runners)
· May 1 – Oklahoma City ½ marathon
· October 9 – Rock n Roll ½ marathon, Denver, CO

Then, I have on my “want to do” list the following:

· March 13 – Shamrockn’ Run ½ marathon, Sacramento, CA
· June 12 – Edge 2 Edge ½ marathon, Ucluelet, Canada
· September 4 – Oregon Wine country ½ Marathon

If I add those three events that I have not paid for yet to my schedule, I will only need to find events for April, July, August, November and December to have one event a month for the year. This just blows me away. In 2008, the most adventurous thing I signed up for was to be the swim leg of a Sprint Triathlon Relay Team. Two years later, I have competed in 3 triathlons, 1 ½ marathon and 2 5k races. What in the world has gotten in to me?

I don’t look now for those cheap (non-existent) weekend flights to Europe when I get antsy and need to travel. I now find myself scanning the Triathlon and Marathon listings of events. I work out whether or not I can drive to it or if I need to fly. I drool over runner web pages and swimmer sites. My Christmas wish list includes such things as a backpack, runner sleeves, under armour and KT Tape. And I keep finding myself thinking of keeping those 5 months open for different types of events so I don’t get bored.

And the only two thoughts that keep reoccurring? 1)”What the hell are you doing?” and 2)”You know, you could’ve had a plane ticket to Europe by now with all these entrance fees…”

No, I’m not a runner. But I play one on TV…

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