What the hell...

... I haven't posted in awhile. It's time. I think. Maybe.

I've discontinued Weight Watchers. Their $16.95 a month fee was a bit much for the little bit, if any, that I was putting in to it. I'm now a Daily Plate'r. I like it more. Especially as I've learned the site and to double check NI. It just gives me more information. And at a price I can live with - F-R-E-E. Yep. That's right. In addition to being a half-assed girl, I'm also cheap. I can't afford not to be. But along those lines, I can't afford to "wing it" and not use any system at all. Hell, I've done that for so many years and you can see how well it's worked for me.

I've been on a plateau since January now. I've not lost any significant weight since then. I've also not gained any significant weight since then. It seems I enjoy losing, and then finding, 5 pounds. I really wish they'd stay lost. I'm taking a cue from Alb and becoming OCD with calories (tho, she's OCD with points). I could do it with points. I've got the points calculator. I've got a majority of food point value committed to memory. I just hate logging my food. I'm still trying to play the game with myself of "if I don't write it, it doesn't count." Kinda like ignorning that pesky bill that comes every month - "if I don't open it, I don't owe it". For a smart person, I really am quite dumb.

Today I've logged everything that has passed through my lips - water (oh my god, the water I've drunk today), a bite of something I didn't like and immeadiately spit out, my Diet Dr Pepper. Everything. I've got 830 calories left for the day, if I don't exercise. But I will. Exercise. I'll hit the gym tonight and I'll be able to have a nice salad and a piece of homemade apple pie. But no ice cream. No, I cannot have ice cream. I'll pile it all on the kids' slices and breathe in the wafting sent from the rapidly warming container. Ok. Maybe I'll have a little bit of ice cream. But I'll log it. Yes. I'll log it. I'm OCD, afterall. Half-assedness doesn't work with OCD. I've got to be either or.

Somebody just walked by in an outfit screaming to be returned to the 80's. I wonder what people say about me? Oh look, something shiny...
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